"G'day Scott.

I've just received both of the double Cleat Rod Holders in Australia. They fit my cleats perfectly. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for such an easy transaction. I'll certainly be recommending your company to several mates of mine who are also boat owners. Expect some orders from Australia as I think they'll be a real hit. 

Thanks again."




TRI-Cleat Dock

Rod Holder

"I got two double rod holders for our Carolina Skiff. They are an exceptionally great idea. Sturdy, easy to use...I am a very satisfied customer!" - Lucien Roberts



We are Carolina Rod Holders. We make fishing rod holders for boats that simply hook onto the cleat! That's right! No drilling required! It all came into existence when I didn't want to mount rod holders onto my precious boat so I thought to myself: what if I made a rod holder that hooks onto the cleat? And lo and behold, it was born. It took a few years to finally get the design just right and also a name change (formerly known as "Weldedcrafts.")

We make all of our rod holders out of high quality stainless steel - these rod holders aren't going anywhere, well, unless the fish jumps over the boat. 

I want to thank you for coming to our site and please share us with your family and friends! We would greatly appreciate it!

Measurements Needed


Amazon boat rod holders

We are Carolina Rod Holders. We are like no other rod holder company. We are home of the No Drilling rod holders for your boat. You simply hook them on your cleats and you are ready to fish! Done fishing? simply un-hook the rod holder and place away;  it is that simple! We do require you to send in measurements so we can custom make the rod holder the exact way you want -- also, every cleat is not the same size so we need those measurements to perfect your rod holder!

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